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Healthy Fit Programs


Our Programs were founded on the idea that Health and Wellness look good on Every Body. We take a whole-health approach to wellness, helping educate our class participants on health and wellness topics, nutrition, and functional fitness to improve their daily life.

We support you with exercise, nutrition, education and support materials to help YOU be successful in creating a healthier lifestyle and sustain it.

Our programs are flexible - you can do them with the equipment you have available (or no equipment) with limited space.

Designed with clients of all fitness levels in mind, we provide scaled options to make everyone feel successful in your class, while still being challenged and working safely.

Introduction to Our Fitness Philosophy

Teaching Method

We focus on educating clients in ways that can support their goals and encourage them to keep showing up. We are positive and enthusiastic. Recognizing that clients are each in a different place, we meet you where you are each day. We provide encouragement and push you to challenge yourselves.  Each client should leave a session feeling successful and accomplished.  We are inclusive, and support a positive self-image.

Personal connection

Our instructors make a connection with their clients and care about their outcomes. We are direct and honest. We develop relationships with our clients as a supportive, encouraging coach.  We provide a safe and effective health and wellness experience.

We want our clients to know that each workout is about them and their needs. If you need support, motivation, or additional resources, one-on-one sessions are available.

Our programs

We  believe in evidence-based exercise and nutrition programs. We  provide tools and resources to support long-term lifestyle changes.  We educate you on total health and wellness topics and are continually learning to be more effective and keep you informed.

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